[Plugin Review] WooCommerce Live Sales Feed

by | Dec 6, 2016

The WooCommerce Live Sales Feed plugin is a nifty plugin that shows live sales on your website. It can be used as a pop up and/or on a sidebar, just enter the shortcode where needed. When approached with this project I was surprised that I have not been asked for this feature before, but after installing and seeing it in action, it is a nice feature to add to a website.

Woocommerce Live Sales Feed Plugin

With the Woocommerce Live Sales Feed plugin you can configure a number of different options. Once installed, a new tab is added under WooCommerce → Settings as “Live Sales Feed.” There are a lot of options that you can configure, to much to explain here, please take a look at the screen shot below. You can also get a better view of all the details you can configure on the plugin description page.

 Live Sales Feed Plugin Options

You can set things like the timing, what the customer sees and if you would like to use it on mobile devices, pop ups are responsive. I would of liked to seen better options to customize the look of the pop up box. If you want to stylize it you are going to have to do some custom CSS.

WooCommerce Live Sales Feed Plugin Style

The default font size is 12px, which is to small for some to read. After finding what needed to be changed  I went ahead and changed the font color and size. There is no option for this is the settings, so you will have to add some CSS in the backend of wordpress. If you are using a premium theme (read why you should always use a premium theme) there should be a spot somewhere around the theme options where you can put custom CSS. If you are using a free theme make sure you are using a child theme and place the code in the stylesheet.css.

/* For the Live Sales feed text size and color */

.live-sale-notify {color: #000 !important; font-size: 16px !important}

/* End Live Sales Feed Edits */

This will make the text bigger and darker. We had to use important tags to override the default settings.

NOTE: Please, if you are a designer, charge to have plugins installed on client websites. Don’t just charge them the price of the plugin. Plugins take time to configure and get in the right spot, the client needs to understand this. Very few are plug it and forget it, although the Final Price WooCommerce plugin is. The point being, it is a service and you should be compensated, no matter the ease of the project.

The plugin is reasonably priced and well worth a bonus item to help you out with a special feature to complete a sale.

To see the full product description, click here. 

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