Get Response Autoresponder Tutorial for Email Marketing

by | Jul 5, 2021

The Get Response Autoresponder is a tool that I use with all of my websites. In this tutorial video I walk through how to set up an autoresponder series.

Get Response is a great software to use for email marketing. The plans are very reasonably priced and they aren’t restrictive like other platforms.

How to Setup Your Autoresponder

The autoresponder is one feature they have that could set up your business on autopilot.

Once users opt in to your email list you can automatically send follow up emails. Set it up once, then it automatically works for you over time.

This is what I do with the affiliate programs I promote.

Get Response allows you to use a number of pre-made templates or you can create your own.

How to Create an Autoresponder Series

In the tutorial video below I go over all of the steps to get your autoresponder series up and running.

Once you set this up you can be hands off with it.

Although, when you get some data back about open and click through rates you are going to want to adjust accordingly. 

If you see some emails getting low engagement, change the headline. If people aren’t clicking on your links, change the body of the email.

Of course if you authenticate your email it will help prevent going to the spam folder.

Get Response gives you all the analytics and the details to your emails. Even the specific links people click.

Customizing the Email Automation Options

One of the options I like most about the autoresponder is setting a message to send out at local time. This means you can send an email at 10am to everyone on your list, but they will get it at their local time.

This works when you have a diverse list. For example you have users in Australia and the United States. Completely different time zone, but users still wake up getting your email messages at 10am.

To me that is huge.

Auto Follow Up with Get Response

You can still send out regular newsletter emails and communicate with your list.

Besides the autoresponder series you can also set up an automation flow sequence, which is a little different.

Sometimes I send them to an automation sequence first then follow up and add them to an autoresponder series.

Overall, the email autoresponder is probably my favorite email marketing tool.

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