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by | Dec 6, 2016

This is a review of the WooCommerce Final Price plugin. I never really needed to use the plugin or feature of showing the current price, on another WooCommerce site, but it comes in very handy when dealing with quantity and pricing. With the site I am working on we are currently using several different plugins, one of which being WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & DiscountsThis allows quantity rules, along with a number of other items to be customized. The final price plugin is easily one of the most simple plugins that you can find, yet very effective and useful.

Final Price Plugin WooCommerce Review

As you can see in the picture above there are a number of different prices affected by quantity. Being a variable product in WooCommerce, the product page displays the highest price, which is $24.99. The problem is this number is static and does not change when some orders multiple items.

You can set the price to be lowest price, however that overrides the dynamic pricing plugin. It will also change the quantity discount price to the lowest price. So, instead of 1-9 showing a price of $24.99, it would show $11.88. It would change all across the board to the lowest price. There is also nothing to show the live amount based on the quantity, except for the final price plugin.

WooCommerce Final Price plugin Review

The Woocommerce Final Sales plugin shows the customer live what the price will be as they hit the (+) or (-) next to add to cart. The great thing with this plugin is that it is one of the few that you can really just plug-in. There are no settings, just plug and play. In addition to being that super easy, the plugin is at a really nice price, $7. Can’t beat that.

To see the full plugin details and description, click here.

WooCommerce Final Price Update

The client wanted the text changed from Final Total to something else. In order to edit the “Final Total” in the Final Price plugin you will need to go to the backend of the site to Plugins→Editor. From the drop down, in the upper right hand corner, select the Final Price plugin and go to the file (woocommerce-tm-final-price/class-tm-final-price.php). Scroll down to line 57 and there you will find the 'Final total'. Change this text to whatever you would like, make sure to include the ” at the beginning and end of your text.

It would be a best practice to make a child plugin. This way you can edit the file and get updates. If you do the above without a child plugin, the WooCommerce Final Price new version update will overwrite the text you have put in place.

More WooCommerce Plugin Reviews to Come

On a side note, there are several different WooCommerce plugins that I have been using on this website. I plan on doing a few more plugin reviews, all related to WooCommerce. If you look at the image above you can see custom fields and a color field. When the color field is selected the product image changes. The plugin also allows you to use color swatches which applies a really nice effect. As said, be on the look out for these tutorials coming out soon.

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