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Get Response Automation Flow Sequence Tutorial

by | Jul 5, 2021

Get Response is a powerful email marketing software that gives you the tools to make automation sequences.

You can think of automation as “If, Then” statements. If the person who opts in to your list opens your first email, then send them a second email in 1 day.

Get Response Automation Flow Setup

You can also counter this by making sure someone opens your first email. Here’s another statement.

If the person who opts in to your list doesn’t open your first email, then send them the first email again in 1 day.

Automation like this could and probably will increase your click through rate of your first email.

How I Use Follow Up Series with Landing Pages

Automation sequences are important to landing pages and running your campaigns on autopilot.

Once you set them up they can be very effective and it can basically be set and forgotten about.

Now, you are going to want to make sure that your emails are converting and that you authenticate your email to prevent going to the spam folder.

Check the click through rate and click rate on individual links within the email. Get Response tracks all of this for you in the backend analytics.

Automatic Sending Times with Get Response

When you figure out where and what you are going to send people you can set up your automation flow.

I walk through this set-by-step in this email marketing tutorial below.

One thing that you can do is start an automation flow, then after X amount of days, let’s say 10, the people who opted in can be transferred over to an autoresponder series.

Inside of the flow chart just drag and drop the item you would like into place. Then easily edit with the sidebar and choose your options.

 Customizing the Automation Flow Series

Get Response also allows you to customize the emails inside of the sequence. You can select the perfect time to send an email or a person’s local time when they will receive the email.

I like to write out my emails and plug them into my automation flow.

How to Monetize your list with an Automated Series

All of my landing pages have the Get Response auto follow up series attached to them. Make sure you are using something for your email marketing that cna do the same things Get Response can.

To find out how to setup an autoresponder series click here

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