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[Video] Why You Should Use Premium WordPress Themes

by | Nov 11, 2015

Premium wordpress themes or free wordpress themes, that is the question. There are thousands of different wordpress themes for you to choose from, free and paid. Should you use a free theme or paid theme? To me the answer is quite simple, to beginners and others that don’t know that much about wordpress the answer may not be that clear. I have designed sites on both premium and free wordpress themes.  I would suggest using a premium theme, they have more options, look better and are usually easier to use.

Are Free WordPress Themes Good?

The free themes sound good until you get into them and start designing. They really don’t have many options and are quite basic, if your a beginner this may be good since you could easily get overwhelmed with the options of a paid them, but there are a lot easy ones to use. You would really need to use a plugin, like ultimate shortcodes, to do anything that looks good, in my opinion. A free wordpress theme is generic and not unique to your site, as they are more widely used.

Where to Get Premium WordPress Themes

A paid theme, or premium theme, may have a cost, but it is well worth it. They allow you many more options, especially when you are making sites for professional business’. Premium themes range in price, but are usually between $40-$80. I would recommend getting a theme from Theme Forest or Elegant Themes.

Advantages of Premium Themes

The advantages of premium themes are endless. Many come with a page builder or visual composer, this allows you create pages super fast, save templates and a number of different layouts. For me this what really sets apart paid themes and free themes. The versatility and customization options are just about endless. Being able to save a page template and load it with ease on another page is a time saver. Many of these themes also allow you to export the layouts and load theme on to different sites using the same page builder.

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