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Beard Oil, Should You Use It?

by | Nov 30, 2016

Should You Use Beard Oil?

I went a couple of years holding off on the beard oil hipster craze, but I finally got dragged in. A year ago I received some beard oil as a Christmas present, beard oil makes a great stocking stuffer by the way. After looking over it and reading what special oils and magic powers it had it was time to apply.

How Much Beard Oil should you use?

This part came to my head and got me thinking. bottle says dime to nickel size. Hmm. Knowing that when it comes to just about everything with hair products and other similar items, double it. I have a pretty nice and thick beard, and I have to make sure I get a good first coat. So I said what the hell, so I applied a half dollar amount of beard oil to my facial hair.

I put the oil on my hands and got them nice and coated, then ran my hands through my beard and made sure there was no hair left behind. After applying the beard oil I ran a comb through to get a nice rounded look, of course this combing part is optional for all of you jamokes out there.

What are the results of using beard oil?

Best beard oil productsOnce the process was completed I was really happy. My beard was shiny, you can really tell in the light and in the sun. If you touch your beard at this point you will have oil on your hands, just an FYI. It is a good deterrent so you don’t play with your beard. After a while, for me the next day, I woke up and touched my beard and it was surprisingly soft. Not that wiry feeling. I didn’t apply any more until the next day.

This has been my process for the past year, although I do go sometimes a week with out applying. I do this so I don’t over load my face with oils. I have been purchasing a bread oil off Amazon that is very reasonable. Some beard oils can be really expensive, I saw 1oz for $40. This is way out of my league, here is a link to the product that I use currently on my beard. I would suggest to stay away from the expensive ones that are 1oz, especially if you have a more manly, larger beard, or a budget.

Does Beard Oil Stop My Beard From Itching?

I would that the beard oil doesn’t completely 100% stop my beard from itching, but it does help. My beard isn’t one to get itchy a lot, although the times it does it due to being dry, I think. There may be some other beard oil formulas that work better with stopping the itch or specialize in that area.

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