How to Create a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing with WordPress

by | Jun 21, 2021

Using WordPress to create affiliate landing pages is extremely easy with the Divi Theme.

WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been using the Divi Theme and WordPress to create simple landing pages for affiliate marketing.

In this video I go step-by-step on how to create your landing page. We even go over how to make sure your page is reponsive for all devices.

I use this particular landing pages with high affiliate commission offers. There are a couple of different affiliate offers that I use with these pages.


I also have a quick tutorial on how to setup your wordpress website for landing pages. It brings you up to where I start in the landing page tutorial video.

Creating Your Affiliate Landing Page

When creating your landing page make sure that you connect the success action to your bridge page.

Then on your bridge page your are going to setup a link on that page that goes to your affiliate offer.

In the landing page tutorial video I show you the exact spot where you place these links.

Why Use the Divi Theme for Landing Pages

For me, the main feature of the Divi Theme is the ability to import and export layouts or templates.

This huge feature allows me to create landing page layouts for other affiliate marketers and offer them as products.

I actually just had my first product published on the Divi Marketplace. It isn’t landing pages, but it does work hand and hand with the landing pages.

Affiliate Landing Page Templates & Layouts

Of course, my main product is the Landing Page Extravaganza over at Divi Planet. Which is made up with over 100+ landing page layouts for you to use with the Divi Theme.

You can get access to Divi Planet for free if you purchase the Divi WordPress Theme through my affiliate link. I explain everything in the video above and you can also go to

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