Best Affiliate Programs with Passive Recurring Commissions

by | Jun 8, 2021

Recurring commission with passive income could be a game changer when looking for the best affiliate programs.

There are a lot of different affiliate programs out there that you can take part in, but you want to make sure it’s going to be worth it.

I’ve put together a small list of the best affiliate offers with passive recurring commissions, some low and some very high.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program

This list works for me because I use every one of the products that I promote. I’ve structured in that way and I’ll explain why as we go along.

It’s almost like a downline of income streams. These also work because they all incorporate with each other and work together.

I’ve put a complete video together to go over all of my thoughts, but I’ll lay them out here as well capitalize and monetize your email list.

Those are the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions and passive incomes.

Remember that all of these programs work together and support each other and more than anything else, I use them as well.

The first few affiliate programs are on the lower part of commissions, however they can still be great assets to have for lifetime commissions.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Offers

Since I’m teaching how to get started online, naturally you need hosting for a website. I’m going with Bluehost. Now the Bluehost affiliate program isn’t recurring, unless you get a reseller plan.

The reason I picked this one is because everyone is going to need to start somewhere and the majority of people who come in contact with you probably don’t have a website up and running.

You start out at $65 for a referral, after your first 5 I believe, you get bumped up to $100.

So, the web hosting works because that’s what someone is going to need in order to use the next set of products in the downline.

We are also trying to keep this cost efficient for the person starting, at the same time, we can still earn a good amount of commissions just recommending the basic items they are going to need.

If they’re serious about it they’re going to get these products anyways, so might as well be from you.

Affiliate Offers for WordPress Themes & Plugins

Once they have hosting setup they are going to need a website. WordPress is a great option and it is cost efficient.

You could go the free theme route, but I offer a different solution.

The WordPress Divi Theme from Elegant themes is my next best affiliate program.

They actually payout annually or one time, depending on what payment plan is chosen.

When I first started affiliate marketing I placed a Divi Theme link in a forum with an in depth response to why I used it. Someone bought the theme through my link. They choose the yearly plan and every year on the same date, for 5 years, I got a commission for $44.50.

That link and post turned out to be worth over $200. 

At that point in time I did not have the exclusive bonus offer for the Divi theme landing pages and layouts that I do now.

This ties in with the landing pages made with the Divi Theme. When you can easily import and export layouts you can get setup in a couple of minutes.

Passive Recurring Commissions with Email

After getting the landing page up, part of setting up an automated online system is an email autoresponder.

Get Response affiliate is one of the best. They have a couple of different options, including a one time $100 option or lifetime 33%.

The thing is, usually get started your going to have a small list. So, less than 1000 subscribers will get you around $5/month for the 33% commission, but remember it’s for life.

If someone grows a big list the monthly fee grows and so does your commission.

I have several tutorials on YouTube going through Get Response and some of the things you can do like an automation flow and autoresponder setup.

If you are doing any type of affiliate marketing you are going to need an autoresponder and start building an email list.

Now that hosting, website and autoresponder is set up you are going to need to promote real affiliate programs with passive income and high affiliate commission.

High Affiliate Commission Offers with Recurring Income

There are two programs that I like to promote with high commission and recurring.

The first affiliate program is Legendary Marketer. I went through the 15 day business breakthrough challenge and it really helped me on several things,. Plus this allowed me to promote the product.

I want to go through the affiliate marketing training to see exactly what type of program this was. Turns out, it’s a great program and I would recommend it if you are looking for high affiliate commissions.

You can earn thousands in commissions per referral.

They have a couple different levels of affiliates, one has a monthly fee, which allows you to earn higher commissions, this is the one I do and recommend that you would do as well.

Breakthrough with this Affiliate Marketing Program

Another product with a great affiliate program is Free Breakthrough by Jonathan Montoya.

He is a 6 figure earner with Legendary Marketer and started his own high level affiliate training. I also bought this product and went through the 3 Day challenge and there is a lot of great stuff inside.

Jonathan provides a clear path to becoming a Super affiliate and even has a PLR info product you can use to get started. Use this giveaway as a lead magnet to get people into your funnel.

Follow up with your email autoresponder to really capitalize and monetize your email list.

Those are the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions and passive incomes.

Remember that all of these programs work together and support each other. More than anything else, I use them as well.

There are a couple of other ones I mention in the video, but I wanted to write a few for blog readers.

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