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by | Sep 26, 2017

WordPress Pages and Posts TutorialIf you are just beginning WordPress then it will benefit you to know the difference between pages and posts. I made this WordPress Pages and Posts Tutorial. I have been seeing questions about WordPress pages and posts. What the difference is between them and what they do, so I have made a tutorial video on WordPress pages and posts below. This is a simple tutorial and walks you through how to add pages and posts inside of WordPress.

Before setting up your pages and posts make sure you have a child theme installed. Premium WordPress themes usually come with a child theme. If you are using a free theme you will probably have to make on. You can check out the WordPress codex about child themes, they are easy to make and it is not has hard as it may seem.

I also go over how to use the WordPress Editor, the editor may be confusing if you are just beginning to use WordPress. If you are just starting out and don’t see all the buttons in the WordPress editor, don’t worry, click the toolbar toggle on the right hand side of the editor buttons. Take a look at the WordPress Pages and Posts Tutorial video, I go over it there. This is one of the most popular questions.

WordPress pages and posts are similar, but not the same. The pages are static and shouldn’t really have that much change among them. Pages are like an About Us, Contact, Services. Posts are  more for your blog. For example, you will have a Blog page and on the Blog page are your posts. The posts revolve usually showing your newest ones first. A post can have different variables attached to it such as a featured image, tags and categories. Each individual post is a page.

I have made some other WordPress tutorials and check out my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe.

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