Stream New Movies | Why I Got An Amazon Fire Stick

by | Apr 8, 2020

This article was last updated on June 25, 2024
*Stream New Movies – Why I Got An Amazon Fire Stick. This article was updated recently. Please see below for updated information*

I have been going back and forth on weather or not to get an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast for streaming online.

Currently I have a smart TV that has an Amazon app, along with some others including Netflix, Hulu, I Heart Radio I finally made the huge leap of $40 on an Amazon Fire Stick.

I really wanted to be able to stream new movies to my TV.

Well, I wanted to see what the big hype was. I know there are other versions, like the gaming version, but I went ahead with the newer Fire Stick with Alexa voice remote control. I probably won’t use the voice feature that much, if at all, but it is there if I want to give it a shot.

When I came home and saw the Amazon box in front of my door I was super excited to get it open. It comes in a nice slick package, very clean. I plugged my Amazon Fire Stick into the HDMI port and was off. Let us see what all the hype was about.

Basic Amazon Fire Stick Features

To start, I downloaded the few apps that I know I would be using.

This was a plus because I could get a lot of nice apps, Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, Pandora, just to name a few.

I really do enjoy using Hulu App for streaming shows I usually watch on TV.

But, one of my new recent favorite streaming app is Paramount+ it just came out in early 2021. Try 1 Month of Paramount+, Free.

Of course prime is basically the user interface and you can stream the prime videos without downloading anything as long as you have an Amazon Prime Account (which is a must, get a year full of Amazon Prime). All these were great, but not the reason I wanted to get the Fire Stick.

Stream New Movies?

I had wanted to see if I could stream a certain motion picture.

I knew that I could find movies released on DVD, but this particular flick wasn’t to that point yet.  One day I was surfing around the internet and came across an interesting thread about how to watch movies online for free with the Amazon Fire Stick.

There it was. The solution. A little program called Kodi, which has since been depreciated and now the program is Terrarium TV  Tea TV (*see updates below*). I quickly read up on it and went to Amazon and purchased a Fire Stick.

Kodi for Amazon Fire Stick

*Please read the update below this section! Let me explain what Kodi for Amazon Fire Stick is. Kodi basically allows you to stream new movies, whatever movie or TV show you would like to. It is an app on the Fire Stick, however it is not as easy as 1-2-3. You must unlock the Fire Stick and download Kodi on to your Fire Stick, then unzip and download any apps that you might want.

This will require you to get a little technical. If you are not a technical person I recommend that you purchase an Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi already installed. This will cost more (usually around $75 on eBay or local Craigslist, Offer Up or Let Go, not on amazon), but will save you a lot of headache if you are not technical.

Once on the stick you must connect to fusion and download some Kodi add-ons. In order to find detailed instructions on how to get Kodi on your Fire Stick, use Google.

**UPDATED Arpil 3rd, 2020…

Best FireStick TV App for 2021

TeaTV, which comes from the same original code as Terrarium TV, is now one of the top apps for watching TV on your Amazon FireStick. Most of the users find it as the best alternative and is probably the most downloaded or popular streaming TV app right now. It leads the way in 2021 and will most likely gain more followers along the way. You will still need to find the link to get Tea TV and download the app to your FireStick, which can be easily found online, you can use the link below for getting Tea TV.

If you are on a FireStick, I have redirected a shorten link to the same place, you can use it because typing can get annoying.

Short Link:

Previous Updates:

September 12th, 2018: The developer of Terrarium TV has officially shut down the Terrarium TV app. It will no longer work. If you want free streaming you are going to have to wait until the next streaming app comes out, when that will be or what will it be, we don’t know, but surely there will be an option sooner or later. Stay tuned.**

September 5th, 2018: Kodi no longer works on the Amazon Fire Stick for now. Instead you must use another program that is free, it is called Terrarium TV. You download an install the app similar to Kodi.**

Additional Amazon Fire Stick Add-Ons

Stream Movies with Amazon Fire StickThere are a lot of add-ons to download from live streaming sports to online only news streams, adult movies, kid channels, classic tv shows, a lot of different music stations and a lot more other add-ons you can get your hands on. The biggest feature is getting the movies that are currently in theaters., which is simply amazing!

You can also control the Fire Stick from your iPhone which is a pretty cool feature.

Bottom line, you can jailbreak a Amazon Firestick, but you’ll have to keep up to date with changes in technology and free streaming services. Movie options are expanding and I tend to use it for all the other things it does mostly.

Alternative Movie Streaming Apps

One of my favorite alternative movie streaming apps, which allows you to stream movies, music and games, is here, you should at least try it out if you like watching movies, playing games or listening to music.

For me the thing that really sets this one apart from other streaming services is the fact that it has unlimited music and games (along with the movies). I can download and stream on any of my devices including my PC, Tablet, Mobile, PS4, Xbox, and Smart TV.

There are no ads, so I don’t have to worry about my movie be interrupted. There are options amongst all genres, great selection and they are updating with new content every single day.

So if you are looking for an alternative streaming app without all the hassle, I certainly recommend this service, it’s quick and easy and free to signup.

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