First Amazon FBA/eBay Haul

by | Jan 31, 2017

I have recently been exposed to the Amazon FBA world. If you don’t know what Amazon FBA, then you can check out the previous post the I wrote about the topic of fulfilled by Amazon. Basically what I have been doing is gathering as much information as possible on selling on Amazon FBA and eBay and sourcing products from different places. YouTube is very helpful. I do plan on making some of these videos as well, but for right now I am just doing a post.

When doing retail arbitrage (RA) you want to make sure you are doing it in a profitable way, make sure you get your items at the lowest possible price point that you can. For sourcing, I went to a number of different pawn shops, thrift stores and yard sales for my first “haul”. I decided that I am mostly going to focus on video games and systems.

Garage Sales for Sourcing

On my first haul I noticed that some pawn shops are better than others and that the mom and pop shops don’t always have the best prices. This haul began on Friday morning, got up early and went to some yard sales. I didn’t go to many garage sales that day, but one of the last ones I went to was a bunch of junk in the driveway and the owner no where to be found. If you looked at this sale from the road, you would of passed it up. I asked a lady in the front doorway if she had any games, she said that she was watching the door for the owner who was around the back. I waited for the guy to come around.

Finally, after 1 or 2 minutes he appears. I asked him if he had any old games like Nintendo, Playstation, etc. He said he has some Playstation 2 stuff inside and that he would get it out for me. He comes over with a trash bag full of stuff and pulls out a tag with a date on it. This has been in storage since 2013 (it is currently 01/2017). Nice. Inside was a fat PS2 Original, PS2 slim, 2 wireless controllers, a regular controller, cords and PS2 games.

First Amazon FBA Finds

We started going through the stuff and he immediately pulls the original fat PS2 out of the pile and says there is something in there that people want, something inside (eyeroll by me at this point). I asked him what is it that people want from the fat PS2, he said he doesn’t know, but something! Awesome for me because I had already known from some research that the PS2 slim was going for more that the original PS2. Looking over the games, they were all in really good condition. I gathered the PS2 slim and some games, asked him to put a number on it, after going back and forth he decides $30.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflyI tell him $30 is a little steep, how bout $20. He pulled out a couple of games from the pile and he goes to $25, all I had in my pocket was $22, so I pull it out and offered it. He was feeling some pressure from a couple of others people there to buy stuff so he said ok. I go back to my car and realized I didn’t get a controller, I go running up and asked for 1 controller and he gives it to me! I feel really good about this first purchase…

PS2 Slim w/cords
1 Wireless PS2 controller (off brand)
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
Medal of Honor Frontline
Medal of Honor European Assault
Medal of Honor Rising Sun

Bonus: Inside the PS2 was Namco Museum: 50th Anniversary (classic games)

Total Spent: $22

All of this for: $22. I am really excited about this one. I can turn around and sell the PS2 Slim on eBay for around $40-50, but instead I think I am going to use it to test other Playstation 2 games. Since it didn’t come with a real Sony PS2 controller and no memory cards, I don’t think I want to let it go alone. I think that being able to test the games will pay off much more than selling the actual PS2.

The games will be getting split up. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the Medal of Honor games are a part of a 3 game collection. When games are in collections like that you can get more for them as a package than individually. I can make my money back with the collection alone, plus more, and the Spyro game is about $15 or so.

Update: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly SOLD on Amazon for $18.97 (-$5.91 Fees) $13.06 profit
Update: Medal of Honor Collection (3 Games) SOLD on Amazon for $39.99 (-$11.98 Fees) $28.01 profit

Pawn Shops for Amazon FBA Sourcing

Harry Potter PS2 gamesOn this same day I went to several pawn shops. One of which I went to the previous day, I saw that he had some PS2 games behind the counter in a box that was unorganized and look like it had been sitting there for a little time. I went through the box and it included a couple of Xbox games including Halo 2 (I think). The guy was kinda rude and didn’t have a good attitude.

I saw some other Harry Potter PS2 games, that were in great condition, 2 of them sealed! The pawn guy was asking $5 for all games, like PS2 games, which is high. I thought about it and walked away. After leaving, I looked up the Harry Potter games and since they were a collection and they were a greater value, one of the games that was sealed was worth $30 alone! I went back the next day and got the Harry Potter games.

Harry Potter Collection PS2 Games (3 games total)

Total Spent: $15

The Mortal Kombat KollectionI went to another pawn shop feeling good about my scores. I walked in and started looking for the games. As I go through them I don’t really see much I like. So I asked the pawn shop manager if they had any games in the back, he goes to check and brings out like 10 games, mostly Xbox, however there were some PS2. The Mortal Kombat Kollection, 3 complete games, case, in great condition. I’m thinking, awesome, another collection, which is rare I feel. I found 3 collections in a day. Anyways, I asked him the price, he says how about $5 for all 3 games! Only $5! Fatality!

The Mortal Kombat Kollection PS2 Games (3 Games total)

Total Spent: $5

I am going to go ahead and send this Mortal Kombat Kollection into Amazon FBA since it is in great condition.

Update: The Mortal Kombat Kollection SOLD on Amazon for $36.00 (-$8.66 Fees + $5 cost) $22.34 profit (2/2/17)

Free/Bonus Items! For Amazon FBA and eBay

Alright, so I planned at stopping at one last shop. I walked in and saw there games, they do some kind of deal like 3 PS2 games for $10. I looked over the games and got 2 PS2 games and a PS3 game, made a deal to do all 3 games for $10. The PS3 game is Dragon Ball Z, which is worth around $15-$20. As the guy was ringing me up, I saw some PS4 games behind him on the shelf. I then saw a Playstation 1 game sticking out, I inquired about it. It was in excellent condition, how much I asked. The guy says You can have it. Really? Sure. Alright, thanks. The game was Resident Evil: Survivor PS1, worth $20 plus.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (PS2)
Oshimua 2 (PS2)
Dragonball Z: Burst Limit (PS3)

Bonus: The Mortal Kombat game had a PS2 memory card inside
Bonus: Resident Evil: Survivor (PS1)

Total Spent: $10

Update: Dragonball Z: Burst Limit SOLD on Amazon for $18.99 (-$5.76 Fees) $13.23 profit
Resident Evil: Survivor SOLD on Amazon for $29.99 (-$7.41 Fees) $22.58 profit (2/1/17)

I will try to update this when items sell off this list. Some are listed on Amazon and some are on eBay. If the eBay ones don’t sell I will be transferring those to Amazon.

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