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Hey Now, Mike Shamon here and I help others launch online businesses

I’ve made thousands online through selling websites, graphics, affiliate marketing, marketing services, digital guides, print-on-demand products, website templates & layouts and more…

I’ve been publishing YouTube videos teaching everything I’ve learned through the years of working online for free…

Here is just some of the people who have taken action on my trainings and what they have to say:

The overall goal is I want to be the most helpful person online & I want to help you succeed.

You can read the full story about how I got started though my about page.

The short version is that I’ve been working online since the 2008 and worked for several web agencies to learn the industry.

During that time I started my blog and YouTube Channel where I teach about the skills and experiences I’ve gained, step-by-step tutorials and online tools…

Below is a screenshot from just a portion of some of my online business accounts…

I offer a free course where I put everything together in order and show you the exact steps to take to get your online business up and running.

All of the knowledge I have I give away for free. There are layouts & templates on the Official Divi Marketplace and My Own Website as Well.

Here is a review from the Offical Divi Marketplace by Elegant Themes:

I teach how to make these layouts and other items in my free tutorial videos. If you want to expediate your process you can use the layouts I’ve created.

The Real Estate Layout Bundle features 10 High Converting Lead Generation Real Estate Layouts for the Divi Theme.

The Email Optin Bundle has Over 100+ Email Optin Form Modules for you to use with Divi Theme Layouts and particularly landing pages.

The Landing Page Extravaganza is my pillar product that features Over 120+ Landing Page Layouts for Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing

Real Estate Bundle


Email Optin Bundle


Landing Page Extravaganza


In addition to YouTube videos, I also have my blog where I work hard to publish the same valuable content to written word.

Below You can find my latest blog posts in WordPress Websites, Affiliate Marketing, Divi Theme and More

Affiliate Marketing
Get Response Automation Flow Sequence Tutorial

Get Response Automation Flow Sequence Tutorial

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Divi Theme
Stream New Movies | Why I Got An Amazon Fire Stick

Stream New Movies | Why I Got An Amazon Fire Stick

*Stream New Movies - Why I Got An Amazon Fire Stick. This article was updated recently. Please see below for updated information* I have been going back and forth on weather or not to get an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast for streaming online. Currently I have...

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Part of working online is having the right tools. In the resource section I go over all the tools I use for working with websites, graphics and other things in the digital world.

There are some tools that are required if your going to run an online business. Everything on my Resources page is something that I have used myself.

I want to help others succeed online. The process is pretty simple and I go over all the steps with Video Tutorials inside my Free Course.

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