Gravity Forms vs Fluent Forms

by | May 11, 2021

Gravity Forms and Fluent Forms are two of the premier WordPress form plugins on the market today.

I’ve had the opportunity to use both of the form plugins. So, Naturally I had to do a comparison video between both of them.

You can watch the complete video below. For now, I will go over some of the highlights from each of the plugins.

First off, both are great WordPress plugins to use. You are not going to go wrong in whatever plugin you choose, unless it has something to do with a certain integration.

WordPress Form Integrations

From what I have seen, Gravity Forms does seem to have more integrations for certain things.

The integrations for gravity forms and fluent forms do differ something may only work with gravity or only work with fluent. Make sure either of the plugins are compatible with the other items you are pairing it with.

While Gravity Forms has been around for a while, Fluent Forms is the new up and coming form plugin. You can tell that from the interface of each.



To me, Fluent Forms has a more updated and modern backend and dashboard area, where as the Gravity backend seems a little outdated.

Fluent Forms has ready made form templates setup and ready for you to load in a click. This is something gravity forms is missing, premade form templates.

Now, that is ok with me, just because I like to start all of my forms from scratch. Although, other users may like to just load the template and go.

Both plugins save form entries into the backend of the website. If you ever lose an email or never received it you can go into the backend and retrieve the entry. This is a great feature that I really think is desired now days.

Each form plugin also has an import and export feature. You can take forms from one site to another with just a couple of clicks.

I’ve done a lot tutorials on Gravity Forms and some on Fluent Forms. If you have any questions, take a look over the videos and I’m sure they will help you along the way.

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