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Why I Got an iPhone 6 Plus

by | Dec 17, 2015

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus and let me tell you it is awesome. Do you have an iPhone? If you don’t then I would recommend getting one. If you are starting an online business I wouldn’t consider anything but an iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus.

The phone is bigger than the regular versions, which is one of main reasons I wanted it. Being that I am a big guy I can actually press one button at a time now and not three. The main reason I decided to purchase the iPhone 6 is so I can take really good videos. I also decided to go with the bigger 64GB phone over the 16GB. Reason being is that I wanted to shoot video and you will need more storage to fit videos on your mobile device.

iPhone 6 Plus Videos

Video is really the game changer in the online world today. YouTube is such a valuable resource for any online business nowadays. I will also be using the iPhone 6 Plus to do periscopes, which is a video platform you can go on at any time and connect with people around the world, super powerful.

Time Lapse Video with iPhone 6 Plus

An awesome feature with the iPhone 6 Plus is time lapse video. I have shot a few time lapse videos at this point, you can check out the first time lapse video I shot hereI bought a cheap, but good tripod off amazon (click here to view tripod I use) that fit my iPhone 6 Plus with an Otter Box. The Otter Box is a must have for me and anyone who gets an iPhone. On my previous phone (iPhone 4s) the Otter Box probably saved me a few thousand dollars. I dropped my phone, a lot, and being the tall person I am the falls weren’t small, they had a good distance from my hand to the ground. Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is a great phone and I am really enjoying it.

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