Remove Labels from Gravity Forms

If you don’t know how to remove labels in gravity this is a quick tutorial that will help you out. It is pretty simple and requires a small piece of php code.

First off, here is the problem. You want to make a form with only a input and button, no labels such as name, email, phone, etc. You could do the display:none and apply it to a specific button, but then you will have to manually input the code in the backend every time you didn’t want to display the gravity form label.

How to Remove Labels from Gravity Forms

Please reference the image below, the numbers signify the steps. Go to the back end of your WordPress site and go to Appearance→Editor.

Make sure that you are in your child theme, this is very important, if you are not, an update to the site will rewrite the change to default. If you need help, watch this video so you can learn how to install a child theme on wordpress.

Once on your child theme select functions.php. Paste in the code below and make sure the click Update.

add_filter( 'gform_enable_field_label_visibility_settings', '__return_true' );

Remove Labels from Gravity forms

Next, go into Gravity Forms and select the form that you wanted to remove the label from. Navigate to form settings and select the input that you want to edit. Once there go to the appearance tab. There is now a new drop down, Field Label Visibility. You can select Visible or Hidden from the drop down.

Gravity forms - Remove Labels
Select the Hidden option and refresh your page.

no labels with gravity forms

I had to do some additional CSS editing to the specific form for this project. The final product is below.

Final product

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