[Video] Hide/Cloak Affiliate Links

Using affiliate links is important in your Online business.The thing with affiliate links though in your text is that they could put somebody off from clicking on. That is why you need to hide or cloak your affiliate links and this is something that can be done with any link that you want to. So you [...]

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Premium WordPress Themes Best Bang for Your Buck

Wordpress themes, there are thousands of them to choose from, which one is the right one for you? Choosing a theme for your online business could be difficult, you really have to look at the goal of your site and what it is trying to accomplish. I would highly suggest going with a paid or premium [...]

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[Video] Gravity Forms vs Contact Form 7

Contact forms are an essential part of your wordpress site. You need to be able to capture submissions forms and make sure they are getting to your inbox. There are several different form plugins that you could use to get this accomplished, but which one should you use? I have experience with probably the two most [...]

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[Video] Why You Should Use Premium WordPress Themes

Premium wordpress themes or free wordpress themes, that is the question. There are thousands of different wordpress themes for you to choose from, free and paid. Should you use a free theme or paid theme? To me the answer is quite simple, to beginners and others that don't know that much about wordpress the answer may [...]

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The 1 Thing You Need For an Online Business

Hmmm... What is the one thing you need for an online business? Different people will give different answers and this isn't suppose to be a trick question, but you must know the answer in order to be successful online. The answer: A Website, and by website I mean your own website, not some one off site [...]

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Introduction to an Online Business

There are many ways to start making your first income online, you can read my story about getting started. There is not an over night millionaire program that you can join in order to do this. No matter what anyone says you will have to put time and effort into generating an online income. Starting [...]

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