Install WordPress Theme and Child Theme

This is a tutorial on how to setup and install WordPress theme and child theme. This is a fairly easy task and a good starting point for beginners. If you are just learning then it’s important that you have a child theme in place. The child theme is only a couple of files but takes the look of your main theme. It will allow you to style and edit your theme and allow your main theme to get updated without losing those changes.

WordPress Child Theme and Premium Themes

The premium theme I am using comes with a child theme. If you are not using a premium theme then you will probably have to make your own child theme (I will do a video tutorial on this soon, it’s pretty easy as well) here is a link to WordPress codex for reference for now. This is one of the advantages of using the premium theme is that almost all of them already come with a child theme and all you have to do is upload it.


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