Improve Your Brand: Giving Back

There are things that you can do in your business that can really improve your brand. Giving back to clients you have can go a long way. To illustrate this I will use a real life of example of a company that gave something away and in my mind solidified a relationship with a client for long term success.

I was moving some furniture items with my brother-in-law one Saturday earlier this year and he asked me if I wanted to go to the Bucs game. I am a Tampa Bay fan (insert jokes here) and I love going to the games, however, the recent losing streak at home and the fact that it takes up the whole day I have been deciding not to go. Well, with the invite I accepted and the fact that this was Mike Alstott’s retirement Ring of Honor Game, I couldn’t refuse.

He then told me he has a couple of more friends coming and that he got the tickets from a painting company he works with (he is a construction manager). No problem for me, that’s cool. He also added, oh ya they are suite tickets! What! Sweet! For those of you that don’t know the people who buy the suites at games have to pay for food and drink if they want it, nothing is free for them. At this point I was wondering if I was going to have to dish out some cash for food and drink. It was fine if that was the situation, I was just happy to be at the game with a great ticket.

So, our journey began on Sunday morning. I drove over to his place and we rode together to the game. Once we got close he whipped out a parking pass provided by the suite owners, awesome, we get the preferred parking. Thinking that this was just close parking and not parking that was super close, I was excited to not have to use my free “secret” parking spot (cause I love saving $20) about a mile from the stadium I usually use when I go to games. To my surprise we pulled into the parking lot and it was literally right next to the stadium! This parking spot was awesome, I was stoked that we were so close.


Our Parking Spot Across from the Buccaneers stadium

We got of the Hummer and posted up with some drinks just standing around talking and taking in the sights. Since this was Mike Alstott’s ROH game there were retired players at the stadium they were right across from us lining up and taking pictures with each other and mingling. This area was not accessible to fans at all. The outside was fenced off and the inside was only retired players and their families. We decided to go walk over to the fence and just observe the retired players.


Retired Players Reunion

We were taking notes of who was there, Brad Johnson, Ian Beckles, etc. We then noticed the man, the myth, the legend, Mike Alstott. He was walking around talking with his former teammates. As we were observing out of no where Alstott comes walking up to the fencing where we are! He says hey guys, we shake his hand, tell him how great he was and then he signs our tickets! Sweet Dude! We could not stop going on about how this all went down.


Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Mike Alstott, Ring of Honor

After that moment nothing else really mattered. The day was going to be great no matter what. After downing a couple more adult beverages we went into the stadium, club level. We got up to the suite and the owner of the painting company and several other people were there. They greeted us with open arms, as well as telling us we can have all the food and adult beverages that we wanted, score! Although the game didn’t turn out well for the Bucs.



Our Suite Seats

Improve your Brand Takeaway

The bigger takeaway for me was the day we had, all due to a company who valued its working relationship with another. You see it was more valuable for the painting company to dish out several hundred dollars in return for future work. That work that would generate tens of thousands of dollars for the company in the coming months and years. This jester help the painting improve its brand with the construction company and they are set to benefit for years to come. I try to improve my brand every day. I want to help people and give back to
them the information I know and I find valuable.

Do You Have Your Own Brand?

On of the main things a person can do is brand themselves. The thing about branding yourself is you want to get something out of it. Branding yourself the right way can be very profitable.

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