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How I Got My First Five Affiliate Leads at MaxBounty

by | Aug 19, 2019

Max Bounty is one of the premier affiliate networks to be a part of. I recently signed up and made my first several leads in my first month.

How I Got My First Five Affiliate Leads at MaxBounty

Affiliate marketing can make people great passive income, that’s why I signed up to MaxBounty a few weeks ago. I have heard of it before, but did not sign up until recently.

In order to sign up for MaxBounty you need to go through the regular application process as well as a phone interview with your affiliate manager.

If you want to sign up for MaxBounty you should have at least a website and some idea of what offers you want to promote and how you are going to promote them.

Once I passed the interview I went to search through all the different offers they have. I spent an hour just reading through the offers looking for the right one.

Finding the Right Affiliate Offer

There are a ton of different niches and offer types to filter through. Each offer has a different payout and approved methods of promotion.

You will need to pay special attention to the promotion details and what platforms and how you can promote the offer. Some don’t allow email marketing, others don’t allow traffic from social media and some are mobile only offers.

Since I have several affiliate websites already I was looking to further monetize a few of them. For those interested, I use the Divi wordpress theme and hosting is at bluehost for all of my affiliate websites.

After searching the marketplace I had found a few offers that fit the criteria I was looking for. The offer had to be in a specific niche of one of the websites I have and I wanted a payout of over $10 per action completed.

What Type of Offer to Promote?

Max Bounty has a lot of offers that payout on different actions the user takes. These actions include email submission, zip code submission, credit card submission and so on.

Email and zip code submits usually payout the lowest, while credit card submissions and item purchases are the highest payouts. Some even do a rev share, where you get a percentage of the user earnings.

Looking closely at the offers I had searched out, there was one the was relatively attractive offer that stood out to me. It fit one of the niche sites I have and it had a payout of $17.50 per credit card submission on a free trial.

One of the things I did was search under top campaigns, which are the top affiliate promotions and the offer was in that section as well. So it was check marks all the way across the board.

Max Bounty Top Affiliate Campaigns

How Fast to Get First Sale in Max Bounty?

Although I thought it was a great offer to go with on one of the pages, I was still skeptical if any sales would be generated within a timely manner.

For the particular offer I did not have to request approval for promoting the offer. Inside of Max Bounty I made an affiliate link with a tracking ID. I then cloaked that link in bit.ly, that also allows me to keep track of clicks.

One of my sites gets a small amount of organic traffic per day, usually less than 125 visits per day. The link was placed within an article on the website.

You always want to make sure you test your links, I did that, then I waited. The first couple days were about 10 clicks and no leads (sales), I wasn’t surprised, that is what usually happens.

However, the next several days would pay off. I logged into my account and I had gotten a lead! At about click 16 was a lead, awesome!

After that lead, two more rolled in quite fast, I had gotten 3 leads ($17.50 each) all within the first 34 clicks of setting the link up. I’m tell you this now because the next 130 clicks on the link there were no leads.

Sales in Max Bounty

Testing My Affiliate Offer

Seeing that there were no leads in those clicks, I adjusted a few things within the article for a more seamless advertisement of the product. It’s normal for these types of offers to have a low CTR, click thru rate.

About 36 hours later I had another lead to my offer. Followed by another lead the next day. As of this writing I have 5 leads in the MaxBounty affiliate network for a total of $87.50. I have been promoting the offer for 3 weeks.

If you would like to become an affiliate of MaxBounty you can click here. Remember that there are rules and that everyone will need to do a phone interview.

**Update: Between writing the article and publishing it on my website I have made another lead. Up to 6 leads and over $100!**

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