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If you don’t know Grant Cardone (aka Uncle G!) then listen up. Grant Cardone is a no nonsense, tell it like it is businessman, social media icon and unedited motivational speaker. He has his hands on a little bit of everything. He is mostly known for Sales and Marketing in auto sales, dude has sold a lot of cars. He also has Cardone University, which is an extensive program that provides auto sales training. However, he makes most of his money developing multi-unit housing like apartments and condos.

Besides Cardone University he has a number of high quality products that he offers. These things consist of sales phone training, cold calling, how to win at business, the list goes on and on. He does live webinars every couple of months and has a number of books, including the 10x Rule, which is freaking awesome.

One of the reasons I love this guy so much is that he puts out a boat load of content. He is a content machine. He has Grant Cardone TV which has over 20 shows you can watch. They are by a number of business men and women. They are very informative and there are different shows for different interests. Young Hustlers, Power Players, Cardone Zone, G&E Show, just to name a few.

Grant Cardone’s team is pretty awesome as well. It seems like all of his top guys are really dedicated to the company. They guest host and have there own shows. The thing is is that these guys sell every single day so they have good insight on the business. I follow them on there social platforms and the have a lot to offer.

If you don’t have the periscope app, get it, just for Grant Cardone. Dude streams everything on their as well as Facebook Live. Many times he just sits down at home and starts answering questions. He has his own jet and even streams during take off. One of the main things that drew me in was that, much like Gary Vaynerchuk, he is unfiltered. he will drop some language on you, which I like.

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