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Domain Sherpa – People You Should Follow

by | Aug 29, 2017

Picking the right domain means a lot. Picking the right domain names can also pay you a lot. Over at DomainSherpa.com you can find a ton of great information about domains. It’s probably the most info about domain investing in one place. It helps you place value on domains and gives you an idea of what domain names are going for.

I have been listening to the podcast for several months now and it is one of the best podcasts out there. It is definitely the premier domain podcast. The host and creator of the show Michael Cyger is a domain expert and investor. He is also the creator on the DNAcademy. He has other domain experts, like Shane Cultra aka Domain Shane, and a couple others on the DomainSherpa show. They have backgrounds in domain investing, expired domains and work for domain brokerage firms.

The show has a few different segments. The first segment is each expert tells you about 1 domain they bought or sold within the past week or two. The other domain experts take a guess at how much it was bought or sold for. This is pretty entertaining and informative. It allows you to hear expert commentary on how much you should be paying for domain names in X niche, or with X type of name. I have found this segment very useful and tend to play along with it.

The second segment is where they break down a domain portfolio sent in by listeners of the show. They go over the list of 25 domains. The panel discusses the domain names they like and the ones they don’t. There are definitely more domains that they don’t like than like. They give advice on what the listener should do with domains and which ones are profitable.

The final segment is about expired domains that are going to auction. Michael Cyger picks a list of about 10-15 domains that are in auction or going to auction. He runs the expired domains by the domain experts to get there thoughts and to see if any of them will be bidding on the domains.

One of the reasons I like the DomainSherpa so much is also because of there website. Each show is posted with a description, video, and you can view the 25 domains on the listeners list as well as the domains that are for sale through auction. They also have an actual transcript of the show and a dictionary page so you can familiarize yourself with terms within the domain industry.

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