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Customizing The Divi Blurb Module (Free Template)

by | Apr 10, 2020

In this tutorial video I go over customizing the divi blurb module and giveaway a free Divi blurb module layout.

Using the Divi Blurb Module

Using the Divi blurb module is one of my favorite features of the Divi theme builder. The blurb module has many different uses and walk through several of them in the tutorial.

The first style we go to is a more traditional blurb module style with some customization to the column background.

How To Do A Custom Hover Overlay

We also went ahead and did a custom hover overlay effect with the hover options in the blurb module options. Make sure you apply this transition effect to all 3 columns.

If you did want to add a button to a blurb module, you can add a link to the actual blurb module or you can add a link to the column, which makes it act like a button.

Other Divi Blurb Module Customization Techniques

The next couple of blurb module customizations are usually put on the landing pages that I have been creating. I use the lock icon with regular text and a colored background for the blurb module.

You can then copy the blurb and place it into a full size row for a different effect. Adjust the line height to what’s necessary and then the sizing percentage to get it in the center.

Another thing that you can to is make an urgent message. I usually use the exclamation point, caution sign with large text and text shadow to make it “pop” a little more.

Free Divi Blurb Module Template

These are some of the different ways that you can use the Divi blurb module. I’m giving this Divi blurb module template away for free. You can download the free Divi Theme layout below to use on your Divi theme.

↓↓ download below ↓↓
↑↑ download above ↑↑

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