Remove Labels from Gravity Forms

If you don't know how to remove labels in gravity this is a quick tutorial that will help you out. It is pretty simple and requires a small piece of php code. First off, here is the problem. You want to make a form with only a input and button, no labels such as name, [...]

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[Plugin Review] WooCommerce Live Sales Feed

The WooCommerce Live Sales Feed plugin is a nifty plugin that shows live sales on your website. It can be used as a pop up and/or on a sidebar, just enter the shortcode where needed. When approached with this project I was surprised that I have not been asked for this feature before, but after [...]

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[Plugin Review] WooCommerce Final Price

This is a review of the WooCommerce Final Price plugin. I never really needed to use the plugin or feature of showing the current price, on another WooCommerce site, but it comes in very handy when dealing with quantity and pricing. With the site I am working on we are currently using several different plugins, [...]

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