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Best Premium WordPress Theme

by | Mar 16, 2017

What is the best premium wordpress theme? Over the past year I have made many sites with many different WordPress themes, but one stands out. There is one WordPress theme that I have found and can claim, that right now, it is my favorite theme and the one I recommend.

The Best Premium WordPress Theme 2017

The best premium WordPress theme 2017 goes to… Twenty Seventeen! What an Upset! Twenty Seventeen Wins! Congratulations to Twenty Sevent… Uh, Wait, Oh, Um.. that is not the winner, there has been some sort of screw up… actually the winner of the 2017 best WordPress theme goes to… Avada!

Avada, hands down is the best premium WordPress theme right now. This theme has sold millions of copies on themeforest and for good reason. The Avada Theme has great versatility and options to choose from to get the exact look that you are going for. It comes with a page builder, Fusion Builder. The builder has awesome flexibility and many options to customize. I also think that beginners can pickup working with this theme very easily, although there are many customized options that could be overwhelming.

The Fusion Builder

All of this starts with the Fusion Builder and Fusion Core, a powerful page builder and the nucleus of the website. The Fusion Builder is used on every page as a substitute to the usual WordPress editor. This will make your job much easier and efficient. There is a long list of features that you can use in the Fusion Builder, along with thousands of different combinations of those items.

The Fusion Core is the engine of the site. This is where you can edit/change header styles, typography, and just about anything else to do with the site. If you wanted to add custom CSS or JavaScript you would add it in here.

Avada Element Options

The Core of the theme is great, easy to follow and learn as there is a central point of editing elements. This is a huge reason I recommend the Avada theme to beginners. So often beginners get lost on how to edit an element and where to look, most of the time to find out that the edit is hard coded in the theme. For the move advanced users there is also a place in the theme options for custom CSS edits.

You can see all of the theme options in the backend below. Lots of options. The header options is one of the things that I love about this theme. The top header bar is an option to display contact info, social icons or a menu, the contact info is great when you use a click to call link. You can also customize your social icons to be the your colors or brand colors. You can even add a custom icon that you have made.

Branding your Website

Typography of your website can make or break your brand. The Avada theme allows you to upload fonts, meaning you can use your custom brand font on your site for headings and such. You will need to make sure you have your font in the proper format. If don’t, you can use an online font converter, google it. You can select different fonts and colors for different headings if you wanted to, it also allows you to control letter spacing.

Impressive Sliders

I should of mentioned that this theme also comes with some premium sliders, including Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. Which is a huge plus. If you have never used a slider before then there might be a slight learning curve, but these are two of the top WordPress sliders that you can use. With the Avada theme sliders can be added to a page or section easily. Make sure your slider is sized right in the slider options. Remember to use high quality images in your slider, it is very important to making your site look awesome.

Mobile Friendly Premium WordPress Theme

One of the advantages of using a high quality premium WordPress theme, like Avada, is that it is responsive and mobile friendly. Your site will fold down on a phone or mobile device at look great. You can manage the mobile menu style and look in the theme options. Here you can select a classic or modern menu along with color and font size, etc.

When you make a site with the Avada theme, then fold it down to mobile it looks absolutely beautiful. The ease of this process is painless. One of the nice feature in the Fusions Builder is the ability to specify where a certain element will show up, like only on a desktop or only on mobile. Although it fold downs easily, you still may need to do some custom CSS if you have some special elements going on.

WordPress Footer Customization

So often in design these days I see footers that are just absolutely horrible. The Avada WordPress theme makes it easy for you to adjust the columns, colors, headings and fonts. One thing that really bothers me is when you roll across a site, scroll down to the footer and see “Designed by [ Wix | WordPress | Square Space | GoDaddy Page Builder ]”. D’Oh! Please, change the footer text kids, please do not leave the default footer text in place.

In conclusion, the Avada theme is the best premium word Press theme in 2017. You can make a bunch of really great and different sites with the Avada theme. Some of the things talked about in this article you may not of had a complete understanding of what it is, like letter spacing or custom CSS. These are things that you will have to learn over time, remember that Google is a designers best friend.

I can guide you to water, but can’t make you drink it. It takes time and focus to build a truly awesome site. Please remember that just because you buy the theme and install it doesn’t mean you will have a great site. You must learn the tools and become accustom to how they work. Your first site may stink, but time and experience will solve that problem, speaking from experience.

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