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Adding Value to your Website

by | Nov 15, 2015

 Adding value to your website is one of the things that you can do to increase the price of the site. This article will talk about the items that you could add to the site to increase the value.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a great submission form. You should be using this and making your clients aware that the forms will capture the information in the backend of wordpress, so they don’t need to worry about not being able to see their form submissions. The real value in Gravity Forms are the add ons that you could be providing your clients. They have a number of different ones, but one of my favorites is the form signature. You can make it required that someone signs the form before it could be submitted. Use this as an advantage, you should not be adding this to a clients site without an upsell in price.

Zopium Chat

Zopium Chat is a free chat, but they also have monthly paid options. There are thousands of business’ using this exact chat for their sites. It can help your client increase their conversions and give them an opportunity to talk to a potential client in real time. The huge benefit to you is that is extremely easy to install and the client can have control of their account.

Email Subscription

Email subscriptions should be a part of any site, there is a saying that goes “the money is in the list.” This is true your clients grow a massive list and shoot out emails promoting specials, discounts and providing information on the niche that they are in. You could use Aweber or Get Response to get started.

Pop Up Email Subscription

Having a small pop up in the bottom right or left corner of the site can also increases conversions to your clients this. There are a number of different plugins that can do this, but I would recommend the bloom plugin from elegant themes. They have a lot of different options to offer.

Social Shares

This is probably a main option that you should be using. Social Shares at the end of posts or on the sidebar. This is great to increase shares and web traffic. I currently use the monarch plugin that is very versatile. This plugin can be purchased from elegant themes along with the bloom plugin listed above for one price.

Facebook and Twitter Feeds

The Facebook and twitter feeds are a huge trend right now and you should be taking advantage of them. Showing you client a competitor with out one of these and telling them that they could have a one up on them will make them grin ear to ear. Use the feed as a selling point to increase your price.

A lot of the things we just went over and discussed are things that are easy to implement. However, just because they are easy tom implement doesn’t mean you don’t charge for them. You are providing a service, you know the how to and they wouldn’t to be able to do a majority of what you could do. I always try to relate something to them in their business if you get an objection.  Like if a dentist objects to getting a new site because he doesn’t understand how it would benefit. I would usually reply “It’s like your teeth, why would it benefit me to get my teeth whiter?” Of course the answer is you will look better, ahh, here is your answer. Your site will make your image and brand that much better. You should look over these options and apply them to your pitch or service as an add on or as a part of a package.

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