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Picking the right domain means a lot. Picking the right domain names can also pay you a lot. Over at you can find a ton of great information about domains. It's probably the most info about domain investing in one place. It helps you place value on domains and gives you an idea of [...]

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Camera Glasses Review

This is a review of the Forestfish camera glasses, these camera glasses are available on Amazon. I want to give a shout out to Jarrod Dugger from FAI Photography and Let's Get Droned for hooking me up with these glasses. These glasses record video and are also bluetooth. Headphones plug into the back of them [...]

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Best Premium WordPress Theme

What is the best premium wordpress theme? Over the past year I have made many sites with many different WordPress themes, but one stands out. There is one WordPress theme that I have found and can claim, that right now, it is my favorite theme and the one I recommend. The Best Premium WordPress [...]

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First Amazon FBA/eBay Haul

I have recently been exposed to the Amazon FBA world. If you don't know what Amazon FBA, then you can check out the previous post the I wrote about the topic of fulfilled by Amazon. Basically what I have been doing is gathering as much information as possible on selling on Amazon FBA and eBay [...]

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